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SHEIN Dress That Had Everyone Raving On Access Hollywood

With Fall just peeking around the corner, I knew it was time to step my game up on Access Hollywood for my third Fashion segment. I decided to go with this dress below because first off my nails were black, so I had to find something to match that and match the season of fall that is coming upon us so fast!

What a better way than to start the fall off with a Houndstooth Print Puff Sleeve Dress from SHEIN. First off let me just say that I find SHEIN fashion to be true to size. It is important to read their reviews to help you decide on which sizing to go with, however I found everything for me (I wear a medium 6) to fit pretty well. As for shoes I would go a half size or a size up to get the space you need. This dress had style, class, and stretch, and had Hollywood producers feeling nostalgia and showing me photos from the 70's of their mom in a coat like this.

I want you to remember," Its not what you wear, its How you wear it"

I could have paired this dress with some stilettos, knee or ankle boots, but I decided to go with some lace up strap heels that was not only fitting for this look, but also very comfortable to walk in. Overall, this dress on a scale to 1-10, would get an 11. I absolutely love SHEIN and love love love wearing pieces that stand out and make a statement. The whole point is to inspire other women and let them know that if you think it's cute, others will too! And hey-you never know, might just have a big time producer coming up to you in awe which is confirmation that this look will never go out of style.


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