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Must Have Vacation Fashion From SHEIN

With people still doing end of summer traveling, and because I am such a fan of SHEIN I decided to showcase some of the trendiest fashions that you could grab today at a great price!

When traveling, there are some essentials that you should have in your suitcase. The key is to pack versatile, thin fashionable items that can be worn up or down and things that are small and easy to carry. Below are the items I showcased on WBFF that you can go a purchase today! get fly and have fun with your travel fashion.

This dress is a perfect staple to wear on a vacation. Not only is it easy to pack, its light, breathable and the colors stand out so you will be sure to make a statement. This outfit you could wear flats or heels but whatever you choose make sure its you!

These heels are the ultimate sexy finishing touch to any look. I paired these shoes with the dress above, and the colors mesh well together. In these shoes I got a 9.5 for that extra space. These shoes are true to size and I recommend anyone going on vacation to pack a pair of stilettos!

I love anything long and flowy because this could be worn both dressed up or dressed down. this is perfect to wear on vacation because you are free yet functional, and making a statement with the color red. Pair this maxi dress with a jean jacket if its cooler at night, a pair of sneakers, sandals or even the heels we showcased above! Whatever you choose, just pack a maxi dress and it will be easy to pack, wear and bring back home.

How cute is this hat?? I love hats because they not only protect you from the sun, but can tie an outfit together. This hat clearly states the mindset you are in, and will definilty make a statement. Hats are great to pack also if your having a bad hair day on vacation and you want to just get up and go!

Less is better on vacation! All you need a a clutch bag to carry your cash, cards, mirror, and oh don't forget the celly! Being a minimalist vacation helps you not forget things because we all know what happens on vacation, stays in vacation! Don't forget the pom poms that add texture and color to the bag, perfect touch for transitioning into fall!

These shoes are the perfect travel piece! First off as your going through TSA they are easy to slide on and off, and they are super simple. I cam paid these with jeans, sweats or leggings and still make a statement. They are also an easy item to pack which won't take up too much space in your suitcase. Simple sandals on deck- YES PLEASE!!


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