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Media Training    

Are you looking to boost your confidence on camera, for an interview or presentation? Do you get nervous when you talk in front of people-and your words get all stuck together and you go blank?

Or how about you just want to polish and brush up on your speaking skills?

What about if this is your first time speaking in public, and you don't even know where to start?

No matter where you are In your journey, I am here to help you!


Margo is pleased to offer a range of media training options to meet your communications and media training needs. The training packages offered can be customized, based on your specific needs, and the experience of  participants. You may want us to spend more time with on camera presence-and  media pitching, and less on interview practice. Or, maybe you have lots of media relations experience, but really need more practice working with your key messages, or keeping your confidence in front of a camera. Each training session can be tailored to your needs.


Keinya B.

Hair Loss Practitioner & Beauty School Owner 

"You would think because I'm the owner and one the teachers of a beauty school of over 75 students, I would know how to give a presentation, and talk on camera giving hair style tips..I would get shy and start getting in my own head, which would cause me to go blank. Since working with Margo, I have been able to focus on what I am saying, focus on always being prepared, and remembering I am the expert. I add value. I now take all the focus off of me and trying to be perfect, and deliver confidently and everything just flows. I have also booked my 3rd TV segment in less than 90 days since working with her!!"


Courtney J.

E-commerce & Boutique Owner 

"Margo is amazing at what she does. She is very knowledgeable about how TV segments work, how to prepare for them and what to expect! We even did  mock interviews camera  to get me prepared. As a business owner I knew I needed to step up my marketing, and wanted to use  broadcast media to do so; and with Margo's help I was able to achieve that in confidence."

Healthy Hair At Home.png

Rhonda M.

Owner of Natural Haircare Brand 

"Within just a few weeks of working with Margo, I was able to book my first TV segment, and my confidence has skyrocketed through the roof! Not only did Margo show me how to pitch to the media so that I can do this myself,  I now know how to tell my story with authority, and will positioning myself as an expert so I can do more TV work consistently."

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