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Fall Essential: SHEIN Athletic Fashion

Last week I was featured on WBFF talking all things Fall Essentials, and you already know how much I LOVE SHEIN and live by their clothes. Of course as a fall essential, you should have yourself an athletic fashion sweatsuit that you can where anywhere, anyway during the fall.

Okay first off let me just say I love anything form fitting. For me , if I'm wearing a sweat suit I want it to be fashionable, functional and sexy. I definitely don't want to be swimming in my sweats. This is a crop top sweat jacket that has holes in the thumb, and a stretch matching legging that fits as high waist. I have as size Medium in this look, and I must say if you want ULTIMATE stretch, for this it's okay to go a size up. The medium definilty fits, but If you eat and get bloated, well lets just say a large wouldn't have hurt. Overall, I have this look in 3 different colors and I always get heads turning in this. A great fall staple that can be dressed up or down.


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